Mark and find dog or assistance dog friendly locations, worldwide! It works like a traffic light.

  • Picture: Green circle
    All dogs allowed
  • Picture: Orange hexagon
    Only assistance dogs
  • Picture: Red square
    Access refused
  • Picture: Gray square
    Unknown status

Search by category ("hotel") or name ("IKEA"), along with the city and/or street name. Select it from the dropdown.

DogMap works best if we know where you are located while using the app. Of course, we do not save or share your location. Location data is used only for the purpose of showing locations close to you. You may give all apps permission to use your location in your phone settings, or you may grant it to DogMap specifically. It is your choice and optional. You can also withdraw your permission at any time in the app setting. If you don't want the app to know your location, you will have to type a location into the search field, along with the name or category of the location you want to look up.

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